The Journey

Gypsy Dream Weaver is a brand for dreamers and adventurers.

It all started on a spontaneous trip to Australia. Owner Kimberly Proctor set out to escape her world in urban Toronto, and fulfill a lifelong dream adventure, unsure of what to expect. Kim, in true bohemian traveler fashion, found herself wandering the continent with some merchandise donated by a friend and little else. The blankets, encompassing various hand-painted mandalas and hand-weaved tassels became magnetic to good fortune. Their alluring nature invited an unimaginable amount of positivity and beautiful people into her journey which acted as her driving force to continue her travels. 
The blankets now represent her journey, personal growth, the beautiful people she met, and a dream adventure. Back home now, Kim is expanding the collection under her own brand with intentions to empower her patrons to experience their own personal journey.
Stay tuned for what’s next. ✩☾